Bank Of Maharashtra Balance Enquiry Check via Toll Free Missed Call

Bank of Maharashtra Balance Check by missed call number. Balance Enquiry number listed in this page. Dial also customer care number for balance checking.

Bank of Maharashtra is one of the biggest open part banks in the territory of Maharashtra (India). It offers different money related administrations like Saving Deposit, Loan, ATM Services, Demat Services, Bancassurance, Credit Card, NEFT (Internet Banking) and Online Trading to serve the need of the client. To be qualified for Bank of Maharashtra SMS Facility, you are required to have a functioning Bank of Maharashtra record and portable number enrolled with Bank of Maharashtra.

Bank Of Maharashtra Balance Enquiry

Bank of Maharashtra Balance Enquiry (Missed Call)

Bank of Maharashtra is a bank considered as one of the major banks and it leaves no aspect to prove it to be true. The bank is preferred by many people for the services and offers they give to their customers.

For balance enquiry, the bank has given different ways. Here we will speak just about the strategy that requirements you to give a missed call to the bank.

The customers just need to give a Missed Call to the number provided by the bank for the balance enquiry. The Missed Call Enquiry method needs the customers to keep a few points in mind. The points are:

  • Only the registered number will be applicable for getting the information from the bank about the balance details after giving the missed call.
  • Only the information of the account linked with that registered number will be made available.
  • Giving a missed call to a bank won’t cost you anything. The number provided is toll free.
  • The framework will detach the call consequently once it has ringed twice or thrice.
  • The data will be sent to you with the assistance of a message containing the subtleties as the answer to your missed call.

About Bank

The Bank of Maharashtra is an open area bank. It is one of the significant banks in the open area. It is owned by the government but the government is not the sole owner of this bank. The government has the maximum number of shares of this bank i.e. 81.61% shares of the bank are owned by the government. According to a survey held in April 2016, the bank has a widespread customer base of 15 million people. The bank has a large number of branches, the exact number being 1897 branches. The bank holds the position of having the largest network of branches by a public sector bank of Maharashtra.

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