Top Reasons To Enroll In Cisco CCNA Certification Right Now

You’ve heard of Cisco, but wonder what it is? So, if you didn’t know, Cisco is one of the most recognized and most reputable IT certification vendors in the digital world, renowned for offering a variety of high-value certificates in different career paths and across different skill levels. And concerning the CCNA certification, it is one of those Cisco-provided badges that you can take advantage of, especially if you’re interested in launching a fulfilling career in IT technologies. If you’re already interested, keep!

What Should You Know about the Cisco CCNA Certification?

First, you have to understand that this CCNA designation is an associate-level certificate that qualifies you as regards certain fundamental aspects of information technology, especially on the Cisco platform. However, to attain this credential, you will have to pass its associated exam known as 200-301, which will test you on such knowledge areas as security fundamentals, IP services, network access, andnetwork fundamentals among others. Also, it is crucial to note that this exam will last 120 minutes, and will involve a variety of questions that you need to overcome towards finally enjoying the world of opportunitiesto come afterward.

So, Should You Really Opt for the Cisco CCNA Certification?

Well, there is one simple answer to this question-YES. And you can already deduce why, can’t you? Of course, there are a great many reasons why you should shoot for the Cisco CCNA badge as soon as possible. So, below are facts that you have to

  • Global Recognition

Cisco definitely isn’t a small fry in the IT world. Rather, it’s one big, and highly coveted certification vendor. As such, you can infer that the CCNA credential will certainly give you the opportunity-fetching recognition that you need on your professional path. Even sweeter is the fact that you can move further up the ladder by enrolling in higher-level Cisco accreditations that will further fetch you an ever-increasing advantage over competitors.

  • Enhanced Knowledge and Skillset

Moreover, with the Cisco CCNA certificate under your belt, you can rest assured that you will grow immensely both in terms of knowledge and skills both technical and soft. Especially due to the training process that you’ll have to undergo. Indeed, while you’ll acquire relevant foundational IT skills, as well as a good knowledge of the Cisco products and solutions, you’ll also get to build a number of valuable soft skills in the process of preparing. This includes time management, negotiation skills, as well as responsibility, and self-organization.

  • Improved Career Prospects

You know that with recognition in your chosen field and in-demand skills, there are many career paths open to you. But then, to be more precise, there’s no gainsaying that you can expect many high-paying job opportunities coming your way after you must have attained the Cisco CCNA badge, such as Network Administrator, Network Engineer, or Systems Administrator. Interestingly, records that you can earn an average salary of $80k per annum. And you know what? It can even be more than that, depending on your motivation and experience.


Now you need not be told to enroll in the Cisco CCNA certification as soon as you can. You already know it, don’t you? It’s also necessary to note that the points above aren’t the only ones. This means there are many more benefits and perks you will encounter when you eventually grab your certificate. So, decide immediately!

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