High Paying Job Opportunities You Can Enjoy With The CompTIA A+ Certification

If you’re seeking to launch a formidable IT career in today’s vast digital world, then the CompTIA A+ certification is your best bet. Thanks to this credential, at a critical interview, you could present yourself as a proven problem solver, especially in areas such as data management, security, cloud, and others. Also, it is the only performance-based accreditation that validates that you are a specialist who can think on your feet when performing IT support tasks.

How Can You Earn the CompTIA A+Certification?

It is important to note that, for you earn the CompTIA A+certificate, you have to pass two Core exams which are known by the codesCompTIA Certifications. Moreover, bear in mind that you’ll be given a total of 90 minutes to complete each of the two tests. What’s more, every time you encounter 90 questions of various types (multiple-choice, multiple-response, performance-based, drag and drops). And as a rule, before opting for any exam you have to pay a registration fee, for the A+ exams you need to pay $232 per each and register on the Pearson VUE website.

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What Jobs Can the CompTIA A+ Certification Help You Land?

  • IT Support Specialist

An IT Support Specialist plays a very important role in any organization. In summary, s/he is largely responsible for maintaining the computer networks and ensuring that tasks are run smoothly. From a financial perspective, as an IT Support Specialist, you can earn $44,713per year by ZipRecruiter.com.

  • Desktop Support Administrator 

The Desktop Support Administrators are responsible for receiving and responding to demands for laptops and PCs. Therefore, they are able to provide structural support to the staff of organizations. Other responsibilities include service desk functions, upgrading computer systems, license tracking, and configuring computer systems. So, it is not surprising that according to CompTIA Certifications Exams, a Desktop Support Administrator’s pay on average is $51k. Although, it can get as high as $67k. 

  • Service Desk Analyst 

Service Desk Analysts are professionals in information technology whose duties include hardware maintenance, software update, and installation processes. In addition, they provide invaluable technical support to users. They are also responsible for attending to software, hardware, and network connectivity issues. And if you are interested in the question of salaries, then a Service Desk Analyst currently earns as high as $48k according to the PayScale website.

  • Field Service Technician 

Field Service Technicians usually work around business premises and homes. Some of the things they specialize in include installation of office or home appliances or equipment, maintenance of medical equipment, and installation and repair of industrial machinery. As a result, the Field Service Technician can earn as high as $75k according to payscale.com. 

  • Associate Network Engineer

The Associate Network Engineer is a skilled professional responsible for the hardware which includes the installation of cables and wires. In addition, s/he simply provides the technical support necessary for installation and maintenance of Wireless Application Network architecture. Therefore, an Associate Network Engineer’s pay ranges from $49k to $77k according to statistics provided on the payscale.com online platform.

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As you can deduce, you definitely can’t go wrong with obtaining the CompTIA A+ certificate because it will improve your chances of pursuing a fulfilling IT career in any of the job roles above, and even more. Moreover, with this designation, you can even get to work with tech giants like HP, Ricoh, Nissan, and the like. So, take the first step today and sign up for the first exam!

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