Idea Balance Check – Internet Balance & Validity Data USSD Codes

In this article, we will provide you with information related Idea Balance Check using Idea USSD Codes. As well as information related to other important things like checking mobile number, SMS balance, Internet Data Pack Balance, among other things. This is a complete guide for you on IDEA Balance & USSD Codes.

What are USSD Codes?

Unstructured Supplementary Service Data (USSD), sometimes referred to as “Quick Codes” or “Feature codes”, is a protocol used by GSM cellular telephones to communicate with the service provider’s computers. USSD can be used for WAP browsing, prepaid callback service, mobile-money services, location-based content services, menu-based information services, and as part of configuring the phone on the network.

USSD Codes help you to get the information you need by just typing a few predefined numbers. For example- *123# is a shortcode that gives different information.

Idea Balance Check USSD Codes

Idea has different USSD Codes for different purposes just as other companies such as Airtel, Reliance, BSNL do. Idea provides below-mentioned services through its USSD codes-

  • Idea Balance Check
  • SMS Balance Check
  • GPRS Balance Check
  • Knowing about Rate-Cutter packs
  • Knowing own mobile number
  • Checking data usage
  • Checking Data Balance, among other things.

How to Check Balance in Idea?

Idea Balance Check USSD CodesIdea USSD Codes
Idea Balance Check *130# or *212# or *123#
Check Idea SMS Balance *161*1# or *451#
Check Idea Number*130# or *212# or *123#
Idea Main USSD Code *111#
Idea Special Offer Packs *131*3#
Idea Balance Transfer*567*
Idea Call Waiting Activator*43#
Idea Loan Balance Code*165*Loan Amount#
Idea DND Activate / Deactivate1909
Idea Recharge USSD Code*130* Recharge Code#

Idea Minutes Balance Check USSD Codes

Many of us prefer Minutes Pack than using Balance in the SIM. There are many reasons for that. One of them is ability to call at low rates. So here are the Idea USSD Codes that will help you for Idea Balance Check.

Benefit of given USSD CodeIdea USSD Code for minute packsValidity of Idea Minute PacksPrice of Minute Pack
250 Local+Std free minutes*150*99#28 daysRs.99
550 Local+Std free minutes*150*199#28 daysRs.199

Idea USSD Codes for Idea Loan Service (Idea Net Balance Credit, Talk time Credit USSD Codes)

Idea provides USSD Codes for Idea Loan Service for calling or using Internet balance in your. Use Idea USSD Codes mentioned below to get Idea loan service through USSD Codes. As soon as you have enough balance in your Idea SIM card, the loan amount will be deducted from your Idea Balance.

USSD Code for getting Idea Data Balance On loan.SMS “ICREDIT” to 144, get 30MB 3G internet balance.
USSD Code for Idea Loan balance service.*165*Loan Amount#
Idea USSD Code for Internet Balance Loan of 20MB.*150*773# or *165*Loan Amount#
Idea USSD code for Rs.5 Internet data balance loan.*165*# or *165*Loan Amount#
Idea USSD code for idea balance check of loan.*167*4#

Idea SMS Balance Check USSD Codes

Here we present various Idea USSD codes that will let you check your idea SMS balance along with USSD Codes that helps you buy SMS packs.

Benefit of given USSD CodeIdea USSD Code for Idea SMS Balance CheckValidity of Idea SMS PacksPrice of SMS Pack
100 Local + National SMS*150*09#5 daysRs.9
120 Local + National SMS*150*12#10 daysRs.12
180 Local + National SMS*150*21#21 daysRs.18
350 Local + National SMS*150*35#28 daysRs.35
525 Local + National SMS*150*49#28 daysRs.49

Idea Balance Check 2G Internet USSD Codes

This is the collection of all the Idea USSD Codes for Idea Balance Check of 2G internets in your idea SIM along with USSD codes of purchasing 2G packs.

Benefit of Idea USSD CodeIdea USSD Code for Idea 2G Internet Balance CheckValidity of Idea 2G Internet PacksPrice of Idea 2G Internet Pack
375MB 2G Internet*150*93#9 days93
375MB 2G Internet*150*98#10 days98
500MB 2G Internet*150*125#14 days125
1GB 2G Internet*150*175#28 days175
1.25GB 2G Internet*150*195#28 days195

Idea 4G Balance Check USSD Codes

3G/4G Internet data balance can be checked using Idea USSD Codes to check Idea Data Balance along with some Idea USSD Codes are mentioned below if you wish to purchase new data packs.

The benefit of Idea USSD CodeIdea USSD Code for Idea 3G Internet Balance CheckValidity of Idea 3G Internet PacksPrice of Idea 3G Internet Pack
80MB 3G Internet*150*26#2 days26
130MB 3G Internet*150*44#4 days44
300MB 3G Internet*150*102#10 days102
600MB 3G Internet*150*198#20 days198
1GB 3G internet*150*249#28 days249
1.5GB 3G Internet*150*347#28 days347
2GB 3G Internet*150*455#28 days455

Idea USSD Code for Activating & Deactivating Services

Most important Idea USSD Codes are mentioned here that will be helpful in usage of Idea SIM along with premium USSD Codes like Idea Balance Check or Idea Mobile Number Portability.

Benefit or Usage of Idea USSD CodeIdea USSD Code
Code for Activating night packs and SMS packs*369#
Code for activating call waiting*43#
Code for deactivating call waiting*44#
Code for activating GPRSSMS “FRESH” to 4666
Idea to Idea Balance Transfer Idea USSD Code*567*< Receiver Number > #
Code to get Hunny Bunny Ringtone (Free)SMS “HB” to 56789
Customer Care Idea USSD Codes198 or 12345
Code for Roaming Charges*121*4*7*1#
Code for price Information*567#
Code to view free benefits*167*1#

USSD Code to Check Idea Internet Balance

Here is a USSD Code to check out the Internet data pack balance in your idea network.

Idea Internet Balance USSD code :  *125#

Balance Enquiry is a website to find various USSD Codes. In this article, we have discussed Idea Balance Check methods along with some useful Idea USSD Codes. The Idea USSD Codes are helpful in day to day usage. Some Idea USSD Codes like Idea Loan Service USSD Codes or Idea Balance Check USSD Code can be boon in tough times.

The USSD Codes shared on this website works in nearly all the states of India. USSD Codes are mentioned hereafter full authentication, still, there might be a probability that the USSD Codes get altered. In case you find any USSD Codes related to Idea Balance Check or anything else, and then please comment below.

You can also check Vodafone and Reliance Balance check USSD Codes.

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