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McDVOICE: Conducting surveys or questionnaires to users about the products they are consuming has become an essential task for almost all online-based companies. Nowadays all companies want to know the user opinion whether they are satisfied with their products or not.

The reviews provided by the customer will help to improve the quality of service provided by the company and thus, improve the overall business growth of the organization.

Similar to many other companies, McDonald’s also invites its customers to perform reviews and surveys on their special website called Here, a user can land on the website and participate in the survey conducted by McDonald’s for customer satisfaction.

Having the largest chain restaurant worldwide, it has become important for McDonald’s to conduct the survey to improve its fast-food service in different aspects which would fulfill the requirement of their customers.

McDVoice is a McDonald’s customer satisfaction survey where people can answer some sort of questionnaires based on their experience at

What is Mcdvoice Survey?

McDVoice process the surveys of McDonald. It consists of a list of questions where customer needs to answer particularly based on their personal observation at a McDonald’s store.

The survey is conducted online where a user needs to answer all the questions and submit accordingly on McDVoice.

Questionnaires mostly related to the facts how a customer feels about McDonald’s service when he visits the store and what his opinion about the quality of food served by the online fast food franchise.

On another side, the questions are about the cleanliness of the restroom and the environment that McDonald’s provides to them at their entrance.

The feedbacks are collected from the McDVoice and analyzed comprehensively by the management.

This customer satisfaction website developed by McDonald’s has also had an aim to make the customer even happier by allowing them to write genuinely about something which they feel about their service.

This helps to understand the true behavior of people towards the company in bulk and used for the development of the company in various aspects.


How to participate in McDVoice Survey?

It will take only a few minutes to complete the survey in McDVoice as McDonald does not want to take a longer time by asking any kind of complex questions that might difficult to understand.

To participate in a survey users should have some common things with them such as a PC or laptop with internet access, a printer, a receipt depicting the survey invitation on it, and basic comprehension of English.

  • First of all, we have to enter the official website of the McDonald survey i.e. 
  • On that page, we can select a language either English or French, as per our convenience say English and then we need to enter the store number along with the restaurant name from where we bought the items.
  • After that, we will see that we have to input a twenty-six digit survey code. This code we can get from the receipt received from McDonald’s once we purchase something from there.
  • After entering the survey code we can begin the survey by clicking on the start button.
  • In the survey, they will be going to ask several questions related to their services and the convenience offered by them.
  • Here, we need to answer all of the questions and submit them to McDVoice.
  • Once the survey will complete, McDonald’s will provide some coupons or some discounts on their food from their nearby premises.
  • The coupon will be valid only for a certain time period.
  • Therefore, the user has to print out the page and write the redeem code there to utilize the benefits.

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McDVoice Gifts: Terms and Conditions

After submitting the survey user will be going to reward with some discounts or coupons on their next purchase.

Here are the following rules that user need to concern before applying the coupons:

  • The user must cross fifteen years to apply the lottery 
  • The user should have to be a resident of U.S.A 
  • A unique code required to claim for a discount or free food. 
  • The user must use that card within a week as survey takes place on a weekly basis. 

For further queries or any other issues related to McDVoice rewards, users can contact McDonald’s customer service from its official website.

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