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SFR Mail is an electronic messaging service provided by the company SFR which is a French telephone and telecommunications operator. Like any email address, the SFR Mail email address allows you to send and receive emails.

What is SFR Mail?

Your SFR email box is accessible from any computer, smartphone or tablet. You just need to use your email address or phone number and password to access it. After accessing your electronic mailbox, you can view and send messages.

sfr mail

Please do not leave the “stay signed in” box checked if you are not the owner or the sole user of the device you are connecting from. Because this “stay connected” option allows you to memorize the password and connect directly from this device. In addition, the fact of not entering your password for a long time increases the risk of forgetting it.

The storage capacity of SFR Mail is 5 GB. Avoid keeping unnecessary messages with large files so that your mailbox is not full. If you are used to exchanging large files and need to keep it in your box, then you can increase the storage capacity of your box up to 10 GB.

How to reset the SFR Mail connection password?

Sometimes you have forgotten you password and can no longer access your account. To reset your SFR Mail connection password, you can choose a new one in complete safety.

  • Visit the following link
  • Enter your username, followed by the security code indicated and validate.
  • Your new password will be sent to you via SMS to your phone number, or to your backup email address that you entered when registering.

This way you will be able to access your email address again and you have the possibility to change your new password and customize it. After accessing your account, click on “change your password” to choose a password that you can easily remember. Note that at this time, the old password is no longer valid.

Please note that providing an email address or a back-up phone number when registering is essential to be able to reset your password if you forget it.

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